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We very highly recommend BAXTER&Bella's Online Puppy School! They provide 65+ step-by-step lessons, one-on-one professional help, over 100 how-to videos, online coaching groups, and tons of other resources to help you train your new puppy and maintain their behavior FOR LIFE. That's right, they offer a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. Through Cocoa Doodles, you can get an exclusive 25% discount.

If you are interested, please CONTACT US today!

Do-It-Yourself Puppy Training

​You can definitely train your puppy by yourself! It takes time and effort no matter which way you go, but here are some resources to help you along the way. These resources will help with the basics, but for more advanced training - definitely look into BAXTER&Bella's Online Puppy school (see below). If you go with them, please CONTACT US for an exclusive 25% discount!

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