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Puppy Adoption Guide

Read below on the process for adopting a puppy from Cocoa Doodles. We will walk you through every step of the process and keep you updated along the way! If you ever have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to us at any time! We want to make this an easy and happy experience for you and your family!

Steps for Adopting a Puppy

Below is a quick summary of the pre and post-adoption steps. Below this is a more detailed guide.

Pre-Adoption Steps

  1. Check if we have any puppies available now or coming on our Available Puppies page!

  2. Fill out our puppy adoption application to declare your interest in a puppy from us.

  3. Submit a puppy deposit (typically 20% of the full cost of the puppy). Costs vary by litter.

  4. Puppy Selection Day - choose your fur-baby!

  5. Vet Check Day

  6. Puppy Pickup Day

Post-Adoption Steps

  1. Activate your FREE Trupanion Pet Insurance within 24 hours

  2. Schedule your puppy's vet visit

  3. Activate your puppy's microchip

  4. Get your puppy spayed or neutered at 9 months of agae

Recommended (Optional) Post-Adoption Steps

  1. Order a Byte Tag

  2. Enroll in Puppy Training

  3. Check the Cocoa Doodles New Puppy Guide

  4. Keep in touch!

1. Find out if we have any puppies available or planned in the upcoming year.

You can check our Available Puppies page to find out if we have any puppies available or planned. You can also reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram (@cocoadoodlesmi), or through our Contact form on this website.

2. Fill out our puppy adoption application to declare your interest in a puppy from us.

You can find our puppy adoption application here. Be sure to let us know if there's a specific gender, coloring, generational-type or other preference (such as what litter you're interested in). If we have puppies available, that are not on a waitlist, please let us know which specific puppy you're interested in! 


3. Submit a Puppy Deposit

If we have a spot available for you on our waitlist for our current litter or one of our upcoming litters, we will ask you for a non-refundable deposit of around 20% of the full cost of the puppy. If the puppies aren't born yet, a deposit is not required to be on the waitlist. A deposit is only required if you'd like to get a puppy for the current litter. The deposit is not due until 7 days after the litter is born.


If we have any puppies available, which are not on a waitlist (usually, this will be after 6 weeks of age), you will need to submit a non-refundable deposit of around 20% of the full cost of the puppy to secure a hold on the puppy you're interested in. The remaining payment (80%) is due at the time you pick up your puppy.


Payments can be made to us via Venmo, Apple Pay, Cashapp, or Zelle. We will provide this information to you once we confirm a spot, or puppy, is available and once you're ready to make a deposit. 


4. Puppy Selection Day (only if you're on a waitlist)

Once we have a date determined (usually at 6-7 weeks of age of the litter), we'll provide you with more information on the date and time(s) that we'll have available for you to come and see the available puppies based on your position on the waitlist. For example, if you're in position 1 - you'll have the pick of the litter! If you're in position 4, you'll have 3 other people that will pick a puppy before you do. 

In some cases, due to COVID, weather, or other scheduling issues - we may do a virtual puppy selection day as well.


We cannot guarantee a specific gender or color to you when you're on our waitlist. 


Many times, families will have a specific puppy in mind before puppy selection day, but on puppy selection day - they may choose an entirely different puppy! Sometimes, the puppy picks the family (or person) and sometimes it's the other way around. You might be surprised! We can definitely guarantee you'll love puppy selection day either way!


5. Vet Check Day

Our puppies always see a licensed veterinarian. We typically schedule a vet check-up of our puppies fairly close to puppy pickup day (see the next step). We will inform you on how the vet-check went and provide you with any documentation. All vaccination and other medical records will be provided to you on puppy pickup day in your take-home packet. All of our puppies come microchipped. Puppies will be microchipped with either Fi Nano microchips, or if we're low on stock - whatever our vet has at the time which is typically HomeAgain.

6. Puppy Pickup Day

Puppies are available to pick up usually at 8 or 9 weeks of age. All of our puppies come:

  • Vet-checked

  • Up-to-Date on shots

  • De-wormed

  • Microchipped (Fi Nano or HomeAgain)

  • With 30 days of free pet insurance through Trupanion Pet Insurance

  • With a 7 day well-puppy warranty (see our puppy contract)

  • With a 2 year health guarantee (see our puppy contract)

  • With a goody basket full of toys, treats, sample food to get you started, cozy blanket with mama's scent on it, collar, leash, and more! It's a unique selection for every litter!

The remaining cost of your puppy (typically 80%) is due on the day you take your puppy home. Payments can be made to us via Cash, Check, Venmo, Apple Pay, Cashapp, or Zelle. 

Pickup and Drop-off Options

It is preferred that you pickup your puppy at our main location or the location of one of our guardian homes. If you can't pickup your puppy, we can meet at a local airport, meet you halfway (up to 3 hours away, conditions apply - ask for details), or we can also fly your puppy to you through a Flight Nanny service (ask for details).

Thank You!

We want to thank you for choosing Cocoa Doodles as your puppy breeder! We hope you had a great puppy adoption experience and are always looking for ways to improve our program. We would appreciate an honest review on our Facebook page or through Google! If you have any feedback to share about your experience, let us know! Thank you!

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