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Maddie and Junior's Litter - 2023

Maddie (F1b.b chocolate goldendoodle) and Junior (standard merle poodle) had a litter of 9 beautiful puppies ranging in colors between parti, chocolate, and black. Check out some details and photos below!

Litter Details


Maddie (Dame)

F1BB Chocolate Goldendoodle

45 lbs

Affectionate, loving and loves to cuddle. Loyal to her family. Loves the outdoors. She produces some of our most desired puppies.

This is Maddie's last litter, we're excited for her to enjoy her retirement with her loving family!


Junior (Sire) 

Standard Blue Merle Poodle

75 lbs

Loves people and can't seem to get enough attention! Loves to run in the back yard, play with friends, and go for rides in the car.


F1bbb (First Generation Triple-Backcrossed) hybrid breed Goldendoodle. 93.75% Standard Poodle and 6.25% Golden Retriever.


During the day on

September 23rd, 2023

Ready To Go

November 18th, 2023

Weight Range

Fully grown, somewhere between 45-70 lbs

To adopt one of the puppies below, fill out an application.

Name: Ivy

Gender: Female

Color: Black

Price: $1,500

Easy going, playful and sweet. Knows basic commands, is crate-trained, and doing great on potty training! Check out the video the right!

Name: Groot

Gender: Male

Color: Merle, Apricot / White

Price: $2,300

Super laid back, loves to lay on his tummy and spread out!

Name: Alfred

Gender: Male

Color: Chocolate Abstract

Price: $1,500

Quiet, beautiful eyes, loves to people watch!

Name: Rocket

Gender: Female

Color: Black

Price: $1,800

Loves to snuggle and give kisses! Loves to look outside!

Name: Hawkeye

Gender: Male

Color: Black/White Parti

Playful and fun, good-looking and ready for action!

Name: Loki

Gender: Male

Color: Black / White Parti

Playful and fun, good-looking and ready for action!

Name: Nebula

Gender: Female

Color: Chocolate

Pretty chill and easy-going!

Name: Wonder Woman

Gender: Female

Color: Black Abstract

Playful, but a lover too!

Name: Bucky

Gender: Male

Color: Black / White Parti

Price: $2,000

Quiet and likes to be by your side all the time!

Our Doodles Are Family

We treat all of our puppies as if they were ours and raise them as one-of-a-kind family members that love unconditionally! Ask us for details!

Dog DNA testing to screen for 200+ health risks!
Puppy training starts as early as 3 days of age!
2 year health guarantee is offered with every puppy!
Family-raised with a focus on healthy nutrition!
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